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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guest_EvilCrow2008: and drive cars and stuff
Guest_Westwind28: world of warcraft has avatars like this, but they walk
Guest_Westwind28: and run...and kill stuff lol
Guest_EvilCrow2008: oh i dont know about that one
Guest_EvilCrow2008: i played there .com
Guest_Westwind28: pirates online has good avatars too
Guest_EvilCrow2008: i tried second life but it was too graphic extensive and would crash my pc
Guest_Westwind28: yeah I was going to try age of conan, but I think it would kill my laptop
Guest_EvilCrow2008: so anyway where u from westwind
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: hmm trying to find my good songs
Guest_Westwind28: boring old usa
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: more*
Guest_Westwind28: you?
Guest_Westwind28: the land of popcorn?
Guest_Muslimlatina: asalum alakum again
Guest_EvilCrow2008: cool , am from pakistan
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: what is this?
Guest_EvilCrow2008: wa alaikum as salaam
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: ok...............
Guest_Westwind28: what the hellll
Guest_Westwind28: lmao
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: who put this on???
Guest_EvilCrow2008: put what on
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: this song
Guest_Westwind28: that guy just tossed me on the floor..
Guest_Westwind28: ouch
Guest_EvilCrow2008: ok ill put on my head phones
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: its like wtf
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: hahaha
Guest_JuniorHawk: lol
Guest_EvilCrow2008: lol is this a song or a joke
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: i have no idea
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: WT(beep)!
Guest_EvilCrow2008: u toss him too and get even
Guest_EvilCrow2008: its like chimpunks singing
Guest_EvilCrow2008: the music is also out of line lol
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: turn it offffffffffffff
Guest_JuniorHawk: whos the shadow looking guy??
Guest_Westwind28: some random pain
Guest_EvilCrow2008: who the heck put this song on
Guest_JuniorHawk: how do u turn it off???
Guest_EvilCrow2008: lol stop this (beep)!ing music
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: this is the more crappy thing i have heard in ages
Guest_JuniorHawk: what the freak?
Guest_JuniorHawk: ?
Guest_EvilCrow2008: only a loser would like this sort of song
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: OMG!!
Guest_Westwind28: lm(beep)!ao
Guest_JuniorHawk: lol
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: om(beep)!g
Guest_EvilCrow2008: the lunatics are out
Guest_Westwind28: check out shadow dudes omepage
Guest_EvilCrow2008: watch out
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: covers her ears
Guest_Westwind28: one all hits the fan
Guest_EvilCrow2008: some one ran away from the mental hospital and he is playing songs here
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: junior r u playing this?
Guest_JuniorHawk: right?
Guest_JuniorHawk: no way
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: ok
Guest_EvilCrow2008: yeah i think its junior
Guest_EvilCrow2008: lol
Guest_Westwind28: its that shadow guy...
Guest_JuniorHawk: think its u
Guest_Westwind28: bum whatever lol
Guest_EvilCrow2008: oh
Guest_JuniorHawk: or that shadow guy
Guest_EvilCrow2008: hey shadow grow up
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: it isnt me i was playing the good ones befor
Guest_EvilCrow2008: lol no i dont have such bad musci tastes
Guest_JuniorHawk: i didnt mind lavigne
Guest_JuniorHawk: better than this
Guest_Westwind28: look at bums homepage, it is soooo him doing this
Guest_EvilCrow2008: lol
Guest_JuniorHawk: yeah
Guest_JuniorHawk: i saw it
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: this (beep)! isnt mine
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: hahaha
Guest_Westwind28: well, it gives us a new topic anyway,
Guest_Westwind28: freak girl wore we have shadow boy
Guest_DeathEstefany: hi
Guest_EvilCrow2008: yeah maybe he is her brother
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: where is shadow boy?
Guest_staceyabigail: hey all :D
Guest_EvilCrow2008: hi estefany
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: i can see him?
Guest_JuniorHawk: he's hiding in a corner
Guest_Westwind28: in the other half of the lounge
Guest_EvilCrow2008: hi stacey
Guest_Westwind28: hiding
Guest_staceyabigail: hi evil
Guest_JuniorHawk: sup stacey
Guest_Westwind28: there, is that song better?
Guest_EvilCrow2008: how r u stacey
Guest_Westwind28: think its playing on top, lol
Guest_staceyabigail: i m great thanks
Guest_staceyabigail: is everyone ok here?
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: yay
bumlewis: hey
Guest_EvilCrow2008: welcome
Guest_Westwind28: noooooo we are not
Guest_JuniorHawk: :)
Guest_Westwind28: bumlewis is killing us
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: much better sorta drowning the other crap out
Guest_staceyabigail: wats wrong west?
Guest_staceyabigail: lol
Guest_EvilCrow2008: yeah we were good untill this moron showed up and started playing (beep)!y music
Guest_JuniorHawk: lol
Guest_aussiemumoftwogirls: oh no its getting louder
Guest_JuniorHawk: lol
Guest_staceyabigail: wel u can always dolike me and turn off the speakers lol
Guest_Westwind28: its jerry lewis
bumlewis: hi
Guest_Westwind28: pretty ladyyyy
Guest_Westwind28: ugh
Guest_JuniorHawk: yo bum! turn it off
Guest_staceyabigail: the only jerry i know is the mouse that Tom is after lol
Guest_JuniorHawk: :)
Guest_Westwind28: lol
Guest_EvilCrow2008: its like jerry lewis plus jim carrey
Guest_Westwind28: and a pig...
Guest_JuniorHawk: lol
Guest_Westwind28: with gas
Guest_EvilCrow2008: haha
Guest_staceyabigail: haha i like jim carrey though! he s funny
Guest_EvilCrow2008: lm(beep)!o haha
Guest_EvilCrow2008: yeah stacey i agree
Guest_Westwind28: erry lewis is only funny if your french
Guest_staceyabigail: ^^

screen shot first

Guest_evildanty: its a pouler game
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart5
SynessaAlias: *on
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart2
bumlewis: fart2
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart6
bumlewis: gas2
bumlewis: gas5
bumlewis: gas2
SynessaAlias: WTH@?
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: gas2
SynessaAlias: people need help
bumlewis: gas2
SynessaAlias: Beano geez
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart6
SynessaAlias: hey babe?
SynessaAlias: Darkness?
SynessaAlias: or sand
bumlewis: fart6
bumlewis: gas2
bumlewis: gas2
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: gas2
bumlewis: gas6
mneally: wg5
mneally: wg6
mneally: sand2
bumlewis: gas4
SynessaAlias: fly2
bumlewis: cd2
Guest_evildanty: that like uatama
bumlewis: cd2
mneally: dark4
mneally: dark3
Guest_evildanty: the green
bumlewis: cd2
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart6
SynessaAlias: Who put this crap on?
missdarkchild: *change
bumlewis: gas5
Guest_evildanty: i donty got muisc so yea
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart3
missdarkchild: *cold
bumlewis: gas6
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
SynessaAlias: thatso evil...
SynessaAlias: lol
bumlewis: hi
SynessaAlias: beat on the ugly guy
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: gas4
bumlewis: cd2
SynessaAlias: uuuuuhhhhh
bumlewis: gas3
SynessaAlias: this room is wierder than usual tonight
SynessaAlias: eewww he prolly doesnt taste good
bumlewis: jellytime
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: hey
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_evildanty: yep
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_LiathRayX: o.O
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_LiathRayX: Do I even want to know? lol
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: shoot
Guest_evildanty: nope
bumlewis: cd2
missdarkchild: you are (beep)ing annoying
missdarkchild: you little (beep)
Guest_evildanty: hi
bumlewis: fart6
missdarkchild: get the (beep) out you (beep) head
Guest_LiathRayX: hi =)
bumlewis: missdarkchild: you are f(beep)ng annoyingmissdarkchild: you little (beep)missdarkchild: you (beep)in (beep) me
bumlewis: fart6
missdarkchild: get the (beep) out no one wants you
bumlewis: hey
bumlewis: fart4
Guest_evildanty: u ok
Guest_LiathRayX: Wooow, thats really annoying. lol
bumlewis: fart2
Guest_evildanty: yea
bumlewis: hi
Guest_evildanty: (beep)in me off to
bumlewis: fart6
bumlewis: gas2
Guest_LiathRayX: lol
bumlewis: jellytime
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: gas3
Guest_MsKBEE: hello
Guest_nicholasnip: dam lots of people nit saying nothing
bumlewis: cd1
BlazeOfSolitude: hi people
Guest_BLITCHIN: hmm
missdarkchild: this is hit i want him gone
bumlewis: gas2
Guest_nicholasnip: hello
Guest_nicholasnip: hi
bumlewis: gas3
missdarkchild: hey nic
Guest_LiathRayX: I picked the wrong room. lol
BlazeOfSolitude: what IS that sound
Guest_evildanty: this is really bad
missdarkchild: lol
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_nicholasnip: this is the right room
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_nicholasnip: no one saying jack
missdarkchild: just a (beep) head
Guest_BLITCHIN: umm
missdarkchild: *cold
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: hey
bumlewis: cd1
BlazeOfSolitude: I'm confused... am I the only one that hears that? lol
Guest_evildanty: u stupid (beep)tred (beep) yr pie hole
Guest_evildanty: shut
missdarkchild: i hope he dose the later
Guest_lovemenotquite21: hey there
Guest_evildanty: am i in hell ?
missdarkchild: yes you are
missdarkchild: as are we all
Guest_lovemenotquite21: oh really lol
bumlewis: hey
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_LiathRayX: This is fun. Haha
MonsterMetalMayhem: ok i'm back
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_lovemenotquite21: ok
missdarkchild: make him go away
Guest_LiathRayX: I'm muting this now. lol
bumlewis: fart5
Guest_lovemenotquite21: lol
bumlewis: wait
bumlewis: screen shot first
bumlewis: *click
bumlewis: shoot
bumlewis: fart5
bumlewis: what
Guest_b1ggdick: sorry imvu crashed
bumlewis: wb
Guest_b1ggdick: ur *doot*s r great
bumlewis: now get on the floor
Guest_b1ggdick: how can i do that babe
bumlewis: just lay down
bumlewis: and ill give u a big surprise
bumlewis: ;)
Guest_b1ggdick: u gona hit me
bumlewis: nope
bumlewis: ill make u happy big boy
Guest_b1ggdick: so i layed
bumlewis: i dont see u laying
bumlewis: r u trying to turn me on?? bad boy!
Guest_b1ggdick: yea
bumlewis: then lay down
Guest_b1ggdick: r u single
bumlewis: or no bummy for you
bumlewis: uhuh
Guest_b1ggdick: how can i
Guest_b1ggdick: i dont know how to do it in imvu
bumlewis: oh well then
bumlewis: im sorry
bumlewis: could you bend over then?
Guest_b1ggdick: a part of
bumlewis: what
Guest_b1ggdick: come here
bumlewis: i want u to bend over sexy
bumlewis: ill spank your bumbum
bumlewis: im just a torso now
bumlewis: cry
Guest_b1ggdick: so wanna get naughty
bumlewis: sure
bumlewis: but i dont have legs
bumlewis: cry
Guest_b1ggdick: come near me
bumlewis: how
Guest_b1ggdick: just click on that position button
bumlewis: where
bumlewis: yay
Guest_b1ggdick: r u single
bumlewis: yes
Guest_b1ggdick: cool
bumlewis: soooooo
bumlewis: got a pineapple?
Guest_b1ggdick: u mean ??
bumlewis: i want u to put a pineapple between ur legs
bumlewis: and crush it for me baby
bumlewis: kiss
Guest_b1ggdick: u r jokin right ?
bumlewis: oh no
bumlewis: its a huge turn on seein a mans leg muscles flex
bumlewis: work it baby
bumlewis: ooo ya
Guest_b1ggdick: u r having fun with me
bumlewis: yes
bumlewis: ur pretty hot ;)
bumlewis: i have a bum fetish
bumlewis: and if u put a pineapple between ur legs
bumlewis: it makes ur bum cheeks pucker
bumlewis: ooo
Guest_b1ggdick: how could u wrote to ur homepage with my name
bumlewis: magic
bumlewis: ya gonna crush that dirty pineapple or not?
bumlewis: im waiting
Guest_b1ggdick has left the chat
If a bum in a white beard comes into your room in the middle of the night and shoves you into a bag, don't be scared, it's because it told me it wanted a friend like you for Christmas! send this to everyone you care about including me and if you get four bums back your really special! If you get 6 bums back, you're BUMILICIOUS! Love ALWAYS and FOREVER, BumBum

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ugly Music

SexyTsalagi: kiss kisss
Guest_brittbritt1258: WHY ARE YOU JUS STANDING THERE
Guest_Miairissia: metoo!
Jim2109: bk
Guest_cebollon14: TURN OFF THE OTHER *boop*ING MUSIC!
Guest_Miairissia: yea!
SexyTsalagi: tap2
Guest_cebollon14: turn off the other song
SexyTsalagi: whos playing that music????
Guest_cebollon14: YEAH!~!!!!!
SexyTsalagi: im going to boot you
Guest_cebollon14: hey kick who ever is playing that song
Guest_Miairissia: lol
Guest_Lailall: :O
Guest_Miairissia: :o
Guest_cebollon14: KICK HER *boop* OUT OF THIS SERVER!
Guest_Miairissia: this music sucks
SexyTsalagi: leave and come back
SexyTsalagi: so the music goes off please
SexyTsalagi: yheres 2 songs
Guest_cebollon14: its jim209 who is with the ugly music!!!!!!!
Jim2109: right
Guest_cebollon14: ITS JIM209!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_Miairissia: ew! this suck!
Jim2109: i don't think so
Guest_cebollon14: ahhhhhhhh
Guest_cebollon14: kick that mother *boop*er
Guest_Miairissia: ew yea it does !
Guest_Miairissia: i hear two songs!
Guest_cebollon14: >=[~~~~
Guest_cebollon14: who the *boop* is that?
Guest_Lailall: wtf?
Guest_Miairissia: ew
Guest_Miairissia: wt*boop*!
Guest_cebollon14: everyone add me and ill invite u all to my room! BUT QUICK!!!!!!
Guest_Miairissia: ok
Guest_cebollon14: EVERYONE ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest_cebollon14: AHHHH SHIT THIS *boop*ING ANOYING SOUND!
Guest_Miairissia: add me cebollon
Guest_cebollon14: how?
Guest_cebollon14: idk how
Guest_cebollon14: i mkinda new
Guest_cebollon14: ok i added u
Guest_cebollon14: i added u
Guest_Miairissia: i added u cebellon
Guest_cebollon14: everyone else add me and get the *boop* out of here so i can invite u to my room!
Guest_Miairissia: everyone add me too!
Jim2109: who's playin
bumlewis: everyone add me too!
bumlewis: tung2
Jim2109: wb babe
Guest_Miairissia: why is this going so wrong
bumlewis: maybe its imvu?
bumlewis: there are still two songs
SexyTsalagi: whos playing
bumlewis: iono
Jim2109: i hear one now
SexyTsalagi: well u better leave and come back
Guest_mdross: hi
SexyTsalagi: Lickkkkkkk
Guest_mdross: how is every
Guest_mdross: 1
bumlewis: gud u
Guest_mdross: im gd
bumlewis: gr8 ;)
Guest_Miairissia: hi
Guest_mdross: any lassy in here want 2 chat
bumlewis: ...
Guest_mdross: ???
SexyTsalagi: whos playing music????
Jim2109: who the *boop* is playing
Guest_Miairissia: hi
bumlewis: hi
Guest_mdross: not me
Guest_Miairissia: hey
Guest_Miairissia: not me
Guest_charenae9: that is cute outfit sexytsalagi
Guest_mdross: any 1 want 2 chat
Guest_SouthernRose07: i need to come back in i am still louding
SexyTsalagi: thank you hun
Guest_mdross: im just new 2 this
Jim2109: who's playin ace of spades
SexyTsalagi: who is playing
Guest_Miairissia: whos playin
SexyTsalagi: im going to strbooting people
SexyTsalagi: whos playnig
Guest_charenae9: hey that is cute